Character Building

Yay, you are about to embark on an epic jour…

Wait a minuet. You need a character first! (silly)
I have found some links to help you on your way to creating a character, but there are some rules to making a character.
Note its between the DnD and Pathfinder System. I have yet to decide.

  1. You can ether create one the old fashion way, by making it up or the parody way, by basing it off an existing person/thing.
  2. If your making a parody, let me know who/what your doing. I’ll either give you “YAY DO IT!!” and help or say “NO” because …
  3. Certain people can not be played by the players. Lets face, some people in our world are just to OP to be character, most likely they are NPC somewhere in the World. Yes Chuck Norris is one of them.
  4. When playing a parody character you must have that character act like the original in someway. Most of this will come easily from choosing a proper class from the start, and just keeping in mind how they would act in a situation. Example: Link’in The Bard of Times, plays an ocarina and has an annoying Fairy companion.Common Phrase: “Shut the hell up Navii.”
  5. Poler Parody are excepted. A Poler Parody is the Complete Opposite of the person/thing of your choice. Example: Bruce Wayne ~ Dead parents, Is The Batman, Rich, fights Crime. Polar ~ Parents are alive, is a Playboy party animal, kind of a cry bay when shit hits the fan, HIS parents are rich.

I believe that’s all, if i add more rules, odds are it’s because you made me do it.

Ability Scores Will be determine via the point system. The link will help you make your score, as to how many points you get for now, just 18.

Pathfiner : This has all the information you will need to build your character.

Character Building

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