What the hell is this?

A valid question. Interstellar Burlesque (most commonly know as the Parody Campaign) is a Parallel world to our own, but it is very different of course. The simplest way to explain is whatever exists in our world has a equivalent invention in Interstellar Burlesque like it. And I really do mean whatever. Basically it includes everything and anything, no matter what format, drawing, painting comics, movies, memes, so on and so forth. And not just as items but as real things.

Yeah, it’s kind of a lot for one world to have, but everything is filtered so it can all fit in somehow. On the bright side, it’s big world, so if you want to find that “special something” you’re going to have to look hard for it.

It’s a fairly open world, and literally anything can happen from time space pirates to wizards inventing stem power to invading space tomatoes.

Check the Wiki for more information, for it will mostly be just character creation information.

Interstellar Burlesque

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